Hardcore warrior, and star of the show, Gonthorian!

Whenever Gonthorian, a hardcore ally to the trio of gods, appears on-screen, he normally says "It is I, Gonthorian!", then a few random quotes, shown below:

Episode 1Edit

  • I'm the slayer of dragons!
  • The caster of ancient magic!
  • Seducer of woman! (Not a mistake, Gonthorian has only been with one woman)
  • And eater of goldfish crackers.

Episode 2Edit

  • Killer of demons!
  • Completer of really hard quests!
  • Lover of Will Smith movies!

Episode 3Edit

  • Destroyer of beasts!
  • Fisher of trout!
  • Cooker of...

Episode 5Edit

  • Annihilator of all that is evil!
  • Surfer of really rad waves at the beach!
  • Fixer of unanimous household appliances!

Episode 7Edit

  • Conqueror of kingdoms!
  • Tweeter of what I am doing!
  • Enjoyer of the show King of Queens.

Episode 8Edit

  • Protecter of Falador!
  • Keeper of wisdom!
  • Creator of Kraft Dinner
  • ...On a regular basis


  • His playername is Voodo Chille
  • He wears a Slayer Helmet, Bandos Chestplate, Bandos Boots and a Bandos Godsword.